Here at Express Motor Parts, we are able meet your vehicle paint requirements, all we need is a vehicle paint code! We are agents for Lechler Paints which means we are able to offer top quality Paints, Lacquers, fillers and primers.

We can mix a choice of paints, such as;

Macrofan 1 (Mac 1) - Mac 1 is a mixing base available for solid colours. It is an activated two pack system, giving off the same standards as the old 2K direct gloss system. Due to regulations, Metallic colours are not available in any Macrofan format.


Macrofan 5 (Mac 5) - Mac 5 is very similar to Mac 1, Being only available in solid colours. It has an Air drying binder, Alleviating the need to use an activator. Final finish properties are very similar to the old cellulose format.


Hydrofan (Waterbase) - Hydrofan is the new mixing base for Metallic colours, due to laws and regulations surrounding solvent based paints. It is a much easier format to use, but requires drying with warm, moving air, finished with a clear lacquer coat to bring out a deep sparkle. Solid colours can also be mixed in this format.


Synthetic (Pal30) - Pal 30 is a 30 Minute drying mixture, Popular for painting Lorries, Vans, Tractors, Plant Machinery, etc. It is also commonly used for chassis paint. Due to its thickness, it will need to be thinned down using appropriate thinners before it can be sprayed. 


We are able to offer multiple sizes of paint products, such as small Touch up pots, Aerosols (not available in Synthetic paint), then moving up to 1/4 litre pots and beyond!

We also stock an extensive range of sanding/rubbing down papers, body fillers, fibreglass kits, thinners and pre-mixed aerosols.

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